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Hi, I’m Ben(j)

*given that this page is ‘about me‘, I’ve given myself licence to go a little bolder with the design choices…

The Beginning

Ever catch the Seinfeld episode where Jerry falls in love with himself?
“Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years: MYSELF!”
Excuse my slightly obscure reference as to how Benj Digital was born. As a business manager, the digital partner that I was continually looking to find happened to be myself. I was just too busy managing a business to do anything about it…
*Disclaimer; “I can’t be with someone like me!.. I hate myself!” – Jerry figures out he hates himself & it all ends horribly. Fortunately manager me & digital me can never cross paths.
Business Strategy services
… I also loved all things digital marketing ~ so my light bulb moment eventually came to make the leap across industries.
Rather than rue my time spent in previous career paths, I’m thankful for the broad experiences & alternative perspectives that this now helps me bring to the digital market.

There’s an embarrassment of competent digital agencies & freelancers to choose from. All well versed in the theories of digital marketing & how to sell these to clients. The missing ingredient was always the ability to link digital ideals with business realities. The subtleties of knowing that what you read in a book doesn’t necessarily translate to the best course of action for a specific business case. 

I can’t argue that there aren’t advantages to a fully custom coded website.
There are also advantages to delivering pizza’s in a Ferrari…


Benj finds the right vehicle for the right job ~ Achieving maximum impact for the minimum viable cost.
  • Business goals sit at the forefront of each design & digital activity.
  • Each project considers the goals of the whole business, not just the immediate task.

What else?

I’m not without book smarts, bringing a Marketing degree to the table plus further studies in Graphic Design & Coding – Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Experience across manufacturing, retail, hospitality, sporting, apparel & FMCG industries.
I’m slightly competitive (..think John McEnroe).
And of course I like long walks on the beach, as long as there’s surf at the other end!

Things I do.

Let’s talk.

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