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Benj was born from a principal that incredible web experiences can be developed with minimal costs. ECommerce websites are a different beast to your everyday website. As a local specialist Shopify developer, Benj websites are eCommerce specialised & affordable, without compromise.

Shopify is the choice to build an online business – no matter what business you’re in

From initial conversation through to site development and handover, you will be dealing with one person.
No mixed messages.
No missed details. 

The Benj Shopify development process allows for website projects to be completed at a fraction of agency charges. 

Don't pay for...
exorbitant overheads. bloated advertising budgets. team building lunches. sick(*ie) days. investor / director premiums.

I only measure success with one metric – client satisfaction.

Shopify Services

Shopify is far more than a one dimensional selling platform. Shopify has grown to encompass a huge range of website and digital marketing services.
The Benj development process considers the relationship of each service to the next. Ensuring that your entire digital platform is working holistically towards achieving your business goals.

Benj WordPress services include 

shopify and wordpress website development services

Shopify Website Development

Depending on your business goals we find the development solution to maximise your impact at minimal cost:

  • Customized website builds
  • Site refreshes
  • Theme changes and updates
  • Existing site re-skins to Shopify
SEO, search engine optimisation services


There’s a lot of hype & promises out there about SEO services. Our number one promise is to discuss all SEO activity with 100% transparency.

First step is to understand your business goals & then implement a strategy to get you found ~ by the right people! 

SEM, search engine marketing services


What’s the point of an amazing website if your customers can’t find it?

Benj integrates tried, tested and unique SEM techniques to help you stand out from the crowd.

Throw the rulebooks out the window & increase the return on your advertising spend.

Business analytics services


More than just making your website accountable, there’s more data than ever to help your business. In the wrong hands this becomes misinformation & can create more harm than benefit. 

First let’s establish what your goals are. Then we can find out what you need to know, how to ‘know it’ & how to use this to your advantage.

Business automation services

Integrations & Automations

The modern website should be a useful tool.

The possibilities to take the grunt work out of your daily tasks are increasing every day. Let’s see if we can save you some time.

Whiteboard animations

Whiteboard Animation

Bring your story to life & inspire your audience with engaging whiteboard animation.

Capture your audiences attention to explain difficult content or help your selling proposition cut through.

Graphic Design services

Graphic Design

Every great web presence still needs a great supporting cast.

  • Logo Design.
  • Print Advertising.
  • Signage.
  • Brochures.
  • Stationary.
  • Apparel.
Business Strategy services

Digital Strategy

This last service listed should be the first considered. For maximum impact your online activities should be planned holistically. When done right, each component creates benefits across multiple disciplines.

Whether it’s fine tuning your current operation or finding new opportunities to grow your business, a strategy session is a great place to start.

Shopify Development Pricing

When it comes to Shopify Development one size certainly does not fit all.

Step one is a no obligation chat. Once we establish your business goals I can present the best options to achieve these.

All pricing is 100% transparent prior to project commencement.

Shopify developer icon

Basic eCommerce Websites

While all jobs are made to order it’s nice to see a price.

Simple, yet effective small eCommerce websites can be affordably built using the Shopify CMS.




*limited time pricing

  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Custom Design
  • Shopify CMS

Benj ~ Shopify Developer + Your Business can be a great partnership – & here’s why:

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes the complexities of selling online wonderfully easy.

Developing eCommerce websites on Shopify allows *me/us/you to focus on the actions that grow your business.

And when we grow, Shopify is ready to scale with us – currently powering 1,000,000+ businesses.

Adelaide Shopify Services Glyph

Hands on or hands off

Shopify is a fantastic easy-to-use content and stock management platform. Which allows me to confidently hand over full eCommerce solutions. So if you choose to control the ongoing management of your store, you can. Or Benj Digital is always here to handle site maintenance, updates & future developments.

The Nitty Gritty

a Shopify developer can help you to ignore:

  • expensive development costs
  • hosting
  • data protection
  • payment gateways
  • browser update compatibility
  • SSL certification
  • security patches
  • sitemap
  • robots.txt

…none of these things are fun, but they are a pretty big deal.

Why build the wheel

With 2500+ apps in Shopify’s growing app store, the wheel is ready to roll (bad joke, sorry). These apps are here to give us a helping hand with marketing, orders, fulfillment & so much more.

Plus, Shopify also provides our launching platform to other sales channels, Instagram, Facebook, Google and many more to come.

Endless customisation.

Shopify’s built in customisation tools are impressive straight out of the box.

Even greater flexibility with a Shopify Developer

Access to theme files ( Liquid, HTML, CSS & Javascript ) stretches the versatility for your project even further.

So, if you think you’re facing an unsolvable hurdle to your eCommerce dreams, then I’d love to hear it. And then build our solution.

Continual Improvement

The typical website lifespan is 2.66 years. Shopify helps you buck that trend with regular improvements. This ensures that the million+ stores hosted on the platform are built with industry-leading best practices.

What else should you know about your Shopify website?

Shopify is not without it’s ongoing costs – from $39 USD (or even a well hidden $9 plan). This includes quality hosting, making it a reasonable deal.
Even more reasonable when the dollar is good!

Shopify also takes it’s slice of each sale. This amount varies with between each payment provider. But the value of the Shopify payment option is pretty hard to beat. And the shear choice of payment providers is another selling point of the platform.

If you need a brick and mortar POS solution, then Shopify may have you covered there too.

*I find Vend to be a superior POS solution in most cases. But don’t worry, Vend and Shopify play very nicely together.


+ Shopify is a great Canadian Company. So you know the customer service is oustandingly helpful & friendly, eh…